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CSGO case opening - good guide for best players

Hello. The CSGOSmash team is in touch with you, and we continue to talk about Counter-Strike. During battles over the network with other players, you should have noticed that many use non-standard weapons that have colors or stickers. And you probably wondered where such a gun or machine gun can be obtained. Today we will tell you how to do this by opening cases in CS GO and making transactions on the trading floor, and also share some life hacks that will help you make some money. And right to the point.

What are they needed for case opening?

Weapon cases are items that contain non-standard weapons or stickers that differ from conventional weapons only in appearance. It looks impressive, but, in fact, does not give any bonuses. On the game slang is called "skin" - this term is used by all players.

Each series of chests has a name, and inside there is a certain set of skins. One of them can be obtained by opening the box using a special key. When you hover over the chest that is in your inventory, a list with the skins that are in it is displayed.

Counter Strike has a marketplace where people can buy and sell skins for real money. And the turnover on it is quite high, something is constantly bought and sold by players from different countries. You can see the price dynamics for an item, estimate its value and put up for sale with the expectation that someone will buy it.

After the purchase, a balance in rubles will appear in your personal account, which can be sent to an electronic wallet. This provides a good opportunity for a small income or boost your Steam account.

How to determine the rarity of the skin?

Pistols, machine guns, shotguns and rifles from cases have their own value, which determines the price on the trading floor. The principle is as follows - the less often the item comes in cases and the better its quality, the higher the price.

And the most desirable trophy is a variety of knives - the price on the trading floor can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles.

To determine the quality of the skin, open the inventory and hover over the image of the weapon. In the small window that appears, all the information about the weapon will be displayed, and the quality will be indicated in its upper part. Skins in the COP have the following gradation: 

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