Frequently Asked Questions

CSGOSMASH.COM was created and is supported by a digital agency composed of Gamers! For the last 10 years, the team behind CSGOSMASH.COM has worked on web and mobile projects for the corporate world. As experienced gamers, we noticed that a lot of the online services to the gaming community are unproven and sometimes just fresh out of the gate and this brings questions in terms of trust, reliability and sustainability. Our 10 years in the business gave us our current Notoriety in the technology world and we have now decided to work on becoming the most trusted organization for the gaming community. We want to provide the peace of mind that other sites or online services can't provide to the gaming community. We are approaching this project with the level of security, service and quality that we continuously provide as if we were working on a project for one of our Fortune 500 customers. The goal for CSGO Smash is to create the best skins jackpot platform you can find on the web right now. It's simple, our main goal is to improve the experience while giving back to the community.

Built by gamers for gamers!

Section 1. How do I play on CSGOSMASH.COM ?

CSGO Smash is a new and improved way to play skin Shuffle games over the web. It provides a faster interaction without the STEAM lag that can be felt from time to time (Via our Wallet system). It is also a secure way to operate with your steam account and our system.


  1. Log into your Steam account (Secured)
  2. Go to ‘My trade URL’ and follow the steps:
    1. Enter your “Trade URL” in your profile
    2. Accept the CSGO Smash Terms and conditions
  3. On Steam, make sure your Inventory is set to PUBLIC in your Inventory Privacy Settings.
  4. Accept the transfer to your Wallet from your Steam account (Secured transaction)
  5. Select items in your CSGO Smash wallet that you want to bid with.
  6. Click on “PLACE BID” and confirm
  7. Upon confirming your bid, you will be placed in the Game Queue
  8. Get in on the ACTION!


The countdown for the shuffle starts after a second player deposits a skin in the shuffle game. The raffle will start when either the 1:00 minutes time delay runs out or 75 or more items have been deposited in the shuffle game.

You can add more bids in the same shuffle by repeating step 6 & 7. Up to a maximum of 10 skins per bid. The higher value of items you add, the higher the chances of winning. The percentages of your chance to win are calculated with the total value of your items in relation to the total value of all the items bid by the other players.

A unique feature with CSGO Smash is the ability to organize your skins in groups so that you can prepare bids rounds in advance.


  1. Go to “My inventory” ( in the main menu under the login name)
  2. Select and move your skins to “CASHOUT” and press Confirm
  3. Accept the transfer to your Steam account from your Wallet (secured transaction)
  4. Enjoy your new skins!

Section 2. How are the winners selected?

It's pretty simple. Bids are listed in the order in which they entered the game and odds are calculated by dividing the bid with the total pot. Salt(16 character random string) and the winning number are selected randomly before the game and we generate the hash using MD5 algorithm which is the combination of the salt and the winning number. Ticket number for a bid is calculated based on the odd of that bid. So, the first tickets would be from A1 = 0 to B1 = bid odds. For second bid, tickets would from B1 to C1 = (B1 + bid odds ) and so on. The bid that is highlighted is the winner and winning number is between that bid's ticket numbers.

Section 3. Can I leave my account inactive for a while?

No. If you do not log into CSGO Smash for a consecutive period of 1 month (30 days) and leave items in your wallet, all skins from your wallet will be lost. CSGO Smash will not be able to return, refund or compensate for your lost skins.

Section 4. Is the CSGO Smash website secure?

Yes! Best practices are applied to our website and servers in order to ensure the security of your Steam items. In addition the standard level of security in place from your steam account will also apply. In some rare cases, we can try to accommodate; click on Support and open a ticket so we can investigate.

Section 5. How much does it cost to play in a shuffle?

It’s free to play in a shuffle. CSGO Smash works on a commission base system where the winner of the shuffles will pay the fees. The fees for each shuffle is calculated in relation to the total value of all the skins in the shuffle.

The official commission is 5% (with a variation of +/- 2%). This means we may take any skins in value between 0% and 10% for the commission charges at the end of the shuffle. The combination of skins (only includes the skins from the losing parties) that come closest to this value will be taken from the total pot by CSGO Smash and the rest will be transferred to the winners CSGO Smash wallet. If the system cannot find a skin within the threshold it will forfeit its right to the skin and will calculate this as part of a Donation back to the CSGO community.

Section 6. I’m seeing some issues with the website… how can I contact tech support?

If you are experiencing any major issues, click on Support in the main menu and open a ticket; we will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Section 7. Are there any chat rules?

Upon joining csgosmash, you will have to abide to a few rules regarding the chat, in a way to keep the website as user friendly as possible.

  1. Please avoid advertisements of any sort. Before posting a link, ask a CS:GO Smash Moderator permission to do so, he will determine if you may or may not post your link.
  2. Limit spam. This is a rule that is enforced; mild spamming is alright, but don't go around copy pasting stuff, or just typing random letters because you or someone won.
  3. Keep the chat in english or French at ALL times. There are ways to communicate in other languages than english. (Steam private messages is an example.)
  4. Treat others like you would want to be treated. CS:GO Smash will not tolerate in any form or circumstance, a disrespectful comment aimed towards another user or any other person. Comments that are racist, homophobic, insulting are NOT welcomed here.
  5. Last but not least: Respect the CS:GO Smash staff members. We are here to provide a friendly enviroment for you to play. We work hard and do our best to c reate a great playing environement!